Making Biodiesel at Home Could be as Easy as This

Biodiesel is a fuel or a type of oil which is prepared by the degradation or transformation of biodegradable material as a substance. Biodiesel is a fuel that burns more efficiently than any other fuel also burns cleaner. The clean-burning fuel also results in low emission of harmful gases, that we get a better environment to live Biodiesel is the only non-conventional fuel that is recommended by the American and European governments .

The biodiesel is quite easy to prepare and, therefore, can be done easily at home. Making biodiesel at home is much more profitable. To make biodiesel at home you will need the following materials.
1. First you need a new vegetable oil from the kitchen. For biodiesel to be more convenient you can use the cheapest oil you can find

2. Then you need the ‘Lye’ or caustic soda. You’ll need about 5 grams of caustic soda. The caustic soda can be found anywhere. Most of the dust discharge cleaning have it.

3. The third thing you need is methanol. You can find it in stores supplies for the automotive industry. It is usually found in the anti-freeze.

4. Some of the other materials that are required are a 2-liter plastic bottle that should be cleaned and dried.

5. A funnel that can fit into the neck of the bottle.

6. A washed and dried container for mixing caustic soda and methanol. The container must be sealed so that not a drop of liquid comes out.

7. A measuring cup for measuring methanol.

8. scale.

For the production of biodiesel safety, you must also have aprons, goggles or face shield, gloves and equipment.

The following is the method to prepare the biodiesel at home you
* First you must choose a place that has proper ventilation, and hot material at room temperature.
* Now put 250 ml of methanol in a pot and add about 5 grams of caustic soda or lye and methanol to seal the lid so that not a drop of liquid comes out.
* Blend the mixture at low speed for up to 10 minutes. Do not worry if the temperature starts to rise.
* Now heat the vegetable oil to 1300F. Now put the oil in a plastic container with the help of funnel. Do not overheat the oil.
* Now pour the mixture of lye and methanol, which has now become sodium methoxide. Avoid breathing vapors. When the mixture is put into the oil, It Blend for 15 to 20 minutes and then let the mixture settle.

After the mixture is continued for 20 minutes, you’ll see two separate layers were formed in the bottle. The top layer of liquid, which is noticeably light in color, and biodiesel is the lowest level is the byproduct glycerin. You can then pump out the biodiesel with the help of a hand pump.

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