Question by southerncurlysue: How easy is it to convert to biodiesel fuel? The fact that vegatable oil is more abundant, and is renewable, and has no pollution, the only thing stopping us is the pure glutony of our economic leaders.
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Answer by hsueh001
Bio-diesel is expensive to produce. Somewhere on the order of $ 7/gallon. If you are willing to pay that, by all means convert to using bio-diesel. The reason we use oil for diesel is because it’s still the cheaper alternative. When gas prices hit $ 7/gallon (or over), I’ll be happy to purchase the bio-diesel over the regular diesel. It’s a matter of economics.

A lot of people talk about how cheap bio-diesel fuel is, well that’s because they are getting used vegetable oil from restaurants to do the conversion. If you had to outright pay for the vegetable oil that would be a different story.

However, if you’re willing to go to it, here’s a good site for information (Saw it from

Answer by dvid0703
Biodisel causes failure in the car, because it has special components. It “eats” rubber too.

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