Question by patty: How do you make biodiesel from waste oil? I’m a sophomore student, and I’m currently in need of a clear and easy method on how to make biodiesel from waste oil. In 7th grade, I’ve already made working biodiesel from unused cooking oil, and it turned out fine with the methanol/lye solutions and all that. But now, I need to find a way to use *Wasted* cooking oil as a means to improve upon and modify my 7th grade investigatory project. If someone could give me one with not much complicated chemicals and big machines, and a clear method/links to some, that would really be great! I really need the materials and methodology of it.
Right, I’m mostly in need of the really easy filtration process right now. :)
Best answer:

Answer by PD
Exact same process, you just filter the used oil first.

Answer by «imagi»
Just use old blue jeans for the cheap and easy filter material. Sew the ankle openings twice. Why can’t you just google this stuff?

After it’s done processing, dump it into a diesel engine vehicle and you can putter around feeling smug for being green :P

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