Advanced Engines Development Corporation ** V-TWIN TURBO Engine biodiesel in a chassis Harley Davidson FXRS. This biodiesel engine motorcycle was designed and developed by Advanced Engines Development Corporation (AED) and Gray Eagles (former engineers and business executives from Harley Davidson and other support company). This engine is a prototype that requires minimal refinement before production. Motor: Up to 80 mpg; Greater than 100 mph, 107 in3 (1750 cc), 75 ft-lbs torque, 56 HP @ 4200rpm (rear wheel); patented combustion chamber and air turbulence generator; Electronic Control Systems Inc. fly-by-wire engine control system; Bosch 23000 PSI, electronic common rail injection, equivalent performance (acceleration, top speed) for a gasoline engine. Fuel: B20 Biodiesel (vegetable oil 20%, 80% diesel); potential use of B100 For more information on this spectacular motorcycle contact biodiesel. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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